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At THE HNL DESK, with blend of boldness and integrity, one can stay tuned for what can actually excite one when it comes to their services,
where one’s own marriage becomes a surprise to oneself !!!


"Passion With Excellence"

WE - “The New You”

THE Hospitality aNd Logistics DESK - Sounds Curious?

Want to know why the name? How does it catch your grip into us?

Well, everyone on earth waits for the D-day and wants it to be hyped and carefree... Getting our Family, Friends and Clients acclimatised with our services and the passion we deliver at everyone’s heart is what is unique with us.

With whole of 09 years experience in this industry and a gig of talents to display,

Ketan – The Commander In Chief at The HNL Desk,

define the easy way out from all the chaos of arrangements for Guests, Hotels, Transportation, Lodging and all other hospitality at your doorstep.

Our Uniqueness lies in our friendly behaviour and one can really count on us as an extended family support because only at The HNL Desk.

Passion comes with Excellence


Ketan Patil

The Man in Charge & Commander In Chief

"Victory Loves Preparation"


In the figure of thoughts and integrity, experiences play a good lead. Having worked for 10 complete years in the wedding & event industry, Ketan is very passionate to toss on the coin for an everlasting Heads Up! 

With his capabilities, excellence and innate, Ketan has travelled across the globe giving away an exorbitant touch in places such as Thailand, Oman, Tanzania and in India – Goa, Surat, Mumbai, Kerela, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bangalore, Raipur, Ahmadabad & more. With elegant sips of posh scotch, to tingling and crunchy starters Ketan has arranged it all.

With education and experience in Events and Wedding Management he throws some of his inhibits in the field of Photography as well as follows...


With the brilliance of “Atithi Devo Bhava” attitude in hearts The HNL Desk lets one bag in the following services...



From the tiresome loads of several communication and too many gigs to keep up, The HNL Desk pulls out the lavish chance for both bride and groom to elope from the bond of evenness.
Just as to say The HNL Desk deals with all organised and we'll designed arrangements and delivers a promise of perfection with all follow ups with clients and get everything answered.
Clinging on the ideas you throw with scopes of improvisation we form abundance of success with the buds of the inception.


"Designing creative edges."
With this moto, The HNL Desk stands out right from welcoming the guests to easing them out on various calls...
Providing home feel is what we deal in. We work on the right ambience and helpful set ups to coordinate the in house guests thus connecting the dots. 
Special services on demand is what makes us "out of the box champion" 
From the very warmth to roughness of excellence we promise that our clients will always be tension free. 
We take along :- " The Bubbles Of Emergence"


At The HNL Desk, #TeamSeAL we have at our display the guest book and pens, trumpets of toasting flutes and great blend of bringing in everyone together for all and for self we at logistics are Mathematically sane and keep all records in the clients favour. Logistics being our trump card we know which card to move to game the deal.... 
Combining the client's needs on the platter we just believe in adding seasonings. We dunk ourselves and bring out the littlest of details from you and present it through a crafted structure, So
"Pace up and catch the logical train before it bids you bye! "


It's only when the clock strikes a fair punch The HNL Desk converts the Ups and Downs to Up n Up. 
With the happy heart and contended  mind here's what our dear Clients want to say :-

Superb committed team . Best Hospitality team we have experienced in our past years experience. 
At prasang event we recommend team H&L for Hospitality.

Keyur Patel
(Prasang Events)

The HNL team managed the logistics & hospitality for us for 3 days at our wedding in Mumbai and the were amazing!!! We had people from all over the world & the team managed their expectations and moved them all around to various events without any hiccups! Our families and ya were totally at ease for those 3 days as they were taking as much off our hands as possible! Thank you so so much guys!!

Natasha Jitender
(UD Group, Australia)

Working with Ketan and his team was absolutely fantastic, they took so much pressure off and their team handled the hospitality and logistics beyond expectations and were great to have on board, especially having a multi national contingency flying in like we did.

Nick Israni
(Subtle Energies, Australia)





Mumbai, INDIA.

+91 97696 00069



Mumbai, INDIA.



+91 97696 00069

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